The Vogues, an iconic American vocal group, continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their timeless harmonies and polished performances. Formed in the early 1960s, the group has endured numerous lineup changes but has consistently maintained their signature sound. With hits like “You’re The One,” “Five O’Clock World,” and “Turn Around, Look at Me,” the Vogues have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Today, the current members of the Vogues, featuring original member Hugh Geyer, continue to tour and bring their classic hits to enthusiastic fans of all ages. With their smooth vocal blend and captivating stage presence, the Vogues prove that their musical legacy remains as strong as ever. In this article, we delve into the lives and careers of the current members of the Vogues, exploring their journey and the impact they continue to make on the world of music.


  • Talented Vocal Harmonies: The current members of The Vogues possess exceptional vocal abilities, allowing them to deliver stunning harmonies that captivate audiences. Their voices blend seamlessly together, creating a rich and melodious sound that is a treat to listen to.
  • Extensive Musical Experience: Each member of The Vogues brings a wealth of musical experience to the group. Having performed and honed their skills over the years, they possess a deep understanding of music and stage presence. This experience allows them to deliver polished performances that leave a lasting impression on their fans.
  • Versatile Repertoire: The current members of The Vogues have an extensive repertoire that spans across various musical genres. From classic pop hits to timeless love ballads, they can adapt their performance to suit different occasions and audiences. This versatility ensures that their music resonates with a wide range of listeners, making them a crowd-pleasing act.
  • Timeless Appeal: Despite being active for several decades, The Vogues have managed to maintain their relevance and appeal to both old and new generations. Their music possesses a timeless quality that transcends time and trends, making it enjoyable for people of all ages. The current members continue to uphold this legacy, ensuring that their performances are cherished by fans both young and old.


  • Lack of diversity: One disadvantage of the current members of The Vogues is the lack of diversity within the group. The Vogues, being an American vocal group, primarily consists of white male members. This lack of representation can be seen as a disadvantage, as it limits the group’s ability to connect with a wider range of audiences and potentially alienates those who seek more diverse representation in the music industry.
  • Aging demographic: Another disadvantage is the aging demographic of the current members of The Vogues. The group was formed in the 1960s, and while they may still have a dedicated fan base from that era, their appeal to younger generations might be limited. This age gap can hinder their ability to attract new fans and maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving music industry, where younger demographics tend to dominate the charts and popular culture.
  • Limited musical evolution: The current members of The Vogues may also face a disadvantage in terms of limited musical evolution. Having been active since the 1960s, the group’s style and sound have predominantly remained rooted in the traditional pop and doo-wop genres. This lack of musical experimentation and evolution can make it challenging for them to adapt to changing musical trends and may restrict their appeal to a more niche audience who appreciates retro music styles.
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How many members of The Vogues are still alive?

As of the present, The Vogues consist of three living members. Following the passing of Bill Burkette in March 2018, Bo Wagner took over his position after temporarily filling in during Burkette’s illness. Wagner, who had previously been a member of Blasko’s Vogues from 1983 to 1997, joined the lineup alongside Troy Elich and Royce Taylor. Together, these three musicians continue to carry on the legacy of The Vogues.

Following the unfortunate passing of Bill Burkette in March 2018, Bo Wagner, who had previously been a member of Blasko’s Vogues, temporarily filled in during Burkette’s illness and eventually took over his position. Wagner now joins Troy Elich and Royce Taylor in carrying on the legacy of The Vogues.

Now, where can The Vogues be found?

The Vogues, an iconic musical group, is currently on tour, captivating audiences across one country. Fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming concerts, with the first being held at the prestigious F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre. Following this, The Vogues will mesmerize crowds at The Peabody Daytona Beach in the vibrant city of Daytona Beach. With their enchanting performances and timeless music, fans are eagerly searching for where they can catch The Vogues in action.

The Vogues, a renowned musical group, is currently captivating audiences on their highly anticipated tour in one country. Fans are eagerly awaiting their upcoming concerts at prestigious venues such as the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre and The Peabody Daytona Beach in vibrant Daytona Beach. Don’t miss the chance to experience The Vogues’ enchanting performances and timeless music.

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Do The Vogues still exist as a group?

Yes, The Vogues still exist as a group and continue to captivate audiences with their timeless music. With a remarkable track record of four gold records and two platinum albums, their popularity has endured for over fifty years. In recognition of their talent and contribution to music, The Vogues were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001. Today, they remain a prominent vocal group on the oldies concert circuit, consistently selling out shows across the country.

The Vogues have solidified their status as a legendary vocal group, with a history spanning over fifty years. Their music continues to captivate audiences, resulting in consistent sold-out shows across the country. Inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001, The Vogues have proven that their timeless music remains as popular as ever.

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In recent times, Vogue’s influence in the fashion industry has faced competition from a new generation of trendsetters. Fashion powerhouses such as Virgil Abloh, Alessandro Michele, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner effortlessly navigate between runways and red carpets, reshaping and redefining the fashion landscape with their unique styles and impeccable taste.

In conclusion, the current members of The Vogues continue to captivate audiences with their timeless harmonies and remarkable stage presence. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to preserving the legacy of the group is evident in their outstanding performances. With each new rendition, they breathe new life into their classic hits, reminding us all why they remain an iconic force in the music industry. As they continue to tour and delight fans around the world, it is clear that The Vogues’ enduring appeal will transcend generations and leave an indelible mark on music history. Whether you are a longtime fan or discovering their music for the first time, experiencing The Vogues live is an opportunity not to be missed. Their seamless blend of nostalgia and contemporary artistry is sure to leave you singing along and reminiscing about the golden era of pop music.

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